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Provide high quality natural stone tiles and slabs, including China granite, Indian granite , Brazil granite and Chinese marble, Imported marble Etc.Chinese granite by Color: Grey Granite - Black Graite - White & Yellow Granite - Red Granite - Green Granite - Blue Granite - Pink Granite

Granite countertops are created by nature and fashioned by modern technology, add character and warmth to kitchens, bathroom and other areas of the home. Our high quality Chinese granite countertops, vanity tops, bar tops, kitchen tops, kitchen worktop, island tops, table tops, marble countertop, shower panel, stone sink etc.

Granite and Marble window sill & molding, door surround, column, handrail & baluster, mosaic and medallion, the perfect combination between the stone craftwork and geometry design will be found after decoration, which is in fashion to be used in edifice, hotel or courtyard today.

China is the largest producer and exporter of tombstone and monument in the world.Granite gravestones and monument in Europe, American styles. Urn, cros, angel, Virgin Mary and Jesus statue. The materials used for monuments are famous China black granite, red granite, white marble and some other stones.

There are many famous figure sculptures, granite and marble statues, busts, children sculptures and abstract figures sculptures shown in our gallery. We can carve these figures in the dimensions you want. Your own designs are also welcomed.

Offer all kind of stone products for your garden ornament, including water fountains, stone tables & benches, gazebos, stone lions, flower pots & vases, decorative balls, granite carvings, lanterns and landscapes etc. witch can bring beauty and lifelikeness to your elegant garden.

Culture stone is the exploitation of natural stone mining set in nature, in which the slate, sandstone, quartzite, after processing, as a decorative building materials. Of natural culture stone material hard, sharp color, rich texture, different styles, with compression, wear, fire, cold, corrosion resistance, low water absorption.

supply many kinds of stone fireplaces mantel, marble fireplaces in Europe style, USA style, including simple fireplace, flower-carved fireplace, statue-carved fireplace, double fireplaces.Material: granite, sandstone, limestone and marble etc

onyx and other stone

This serie of ceramics is to express designers'creative works. Novelty,Speciality,Fashion are fully revealing the unlimited application of ceramics.

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